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When you want to develop an app for your iOS platform, the perfect app development company can create all the difference. In this regard, look no further than Xenmag. It provides iOS app development services to come up with the right kind of solutions for users. The iOS app developers of Xenmag intends to give their users with the user experience to savor as it goes a long way towards fetching their response, which affects the level of popularity for the app.

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Why Xenmag For IOS App Development?

There are a number of reasons for which Xenmag can be an ideal choice for your iOS app development. Let us take a look at them in brief:

We Take Care Of The Project In A Methodical Manner

Our highly professional team of developers adopt an extremely swift approach towards taking care of the project in hand and they go about their work in an extremely methodical manner.

We Provide Help To Get The App In Appleā€™s App Store

The company provides the necessary assistance towards getting the app approved in the App Store of Apple.

Extremely Competitive Rates

The thing about Xenmag is, that we offer our services of getting an app developed for your business at affordable rates. We believe in offering the highest quality of service at the best rates available.

In-house Experts At The Front-End

We have a whole lot of experts, who work at the front-end to provide you with the best kind of service in developing the app for iOS platforms. The experts consist of analysts, who deal in analyzing the requirements of businesses and specialists, who take care of designing the app to provide the best of User Experience and User Interface.


Another reason to go for Xenmag when deciding to develop apps for iOS platforms is because of the transparent manner in which we go about in carrying out our duties. We remain clear about the objective, which our client expects us to meet and in the process of achieving the objective, full transparency is maintained with them.

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IOS App Development

We at Xenmag follow a proper process in a methodical manner to go about in developing an app for iOS platforms. The process includes:

  • Ideation & Wireframing
  • Developing
  • Testing
  • Publishing
Ideation & Wireframing

Xenmag takes the approach of clearly making a projection of the possible path towards the full development process of the app. The experts look to understand the purpose behind building the app and the kinds of features, which they require to include. Once the idea is developed, then a layout is prepared. Wireframing provides a company like Xenmag with the scope for making necessary alterations as well as repetitions.


The designers at Xenmag are extremely proficient in front-end as well as back-end development. The team in the front-end prepares codes required for implementing the different kinds of design elements with regard to the application. It includes caching as well as synchronizing database along with the development of UI/UX design. On the contrary, the back-end is totally focused on the functions associated with the app. It includes a customized approach regarding user experience and the integration of the system with third parties.


To be successful in publishing an app on the App Store, the developers from Xenmag run test case preparation, testing for usability as well as performance testing so as to ensure that the app performs as per expectations after its release. The testing phase involves Manual Testing through the use of a device, having System Testing, UI/UX Testing, Security Testing conducted. Then a Manual Testing is done through using Emulator, wherein Unit Testing, Integration Testing, and UI Testing take place. Finally, there is an Automation Testing, under which regression testing, BVT testing, Compatibility Testing, and Performance Testing take place.


Once the testing is complete, then an application to the App Store is made. On getting the required approval from the platform, one can easily access it for downloading purpose. The designers at Xenmag are highly efficient in meeting the guidelines with regard to Apple App Store.

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