Which colour is appropriate for your brand? September 06, 2019

A brand colour speaks for the brand. It can tell more than you can imagine for your business. It not only reflects the vibe of the business but also helps to gain positive emotions for your business. It helps in establishing trust and familiarity by evoking the right emotion. All major brands on the web have a strong connection with their logos. Sometimes a coloured symbol without any text reflects their brand’s message by choosing the right colours to represent.

This is due to the power of colours and their ability to incept an image on the viewer’s mind. For eCommerce websites, a product with an identifiable colour can influence 60 to 80% of a customer’s purchasing decision. It means that the right choice of colour does not only strengthen brand recognition but also have a direct effect on total sales. To get guidance in creating your brand feel free to consult with XENMAG, the best web design company in India.

Colours play a huge role in marketing activities as well. It is always useful to explore how the psychology of colours can send the right message to your target audience. Suppose you are organizing an event for a workshop. You should always choose a colour for branding that event so that it relates the vibe of that event’s purpose. Stronger branding increases the impact of seeing the right use of colours making an impact on your business. For instance, the red colour evokes a passionate and visceral response. It is a colour that increases your heart rate, makes your breath faster, and is generally associated with energy, excitement, and passion. It’s one of the colours that is attention-grabbing, while it can also be provocative and excitable. The purple colour is a sophisticated yet mysterious colour. It tends to be used with higher-end products due to its association with royalty and elegance. Purple’s mysterious element is also linked with spirituality, and it can bring a magical element to your branding. In this way, each colour has its own traits and influencing effects on viewers. So choose your colours wisely to get the maximum reach of your business. To know more on each colour effects you can connect with XENMAG, the best website design company in India.

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