What is WordPress? June 17, 2019

WordPress is a term people come to know whenever they are looking to create their website. They only learn that their websites are developed in WordPress. But why WordPress? What is WordPress? What are other options except for WordPress? A majority of website owners stay in the dark for these questions. In this topic, we will try to understand and get some clarity on WordPress.

WordPress is a content management system. A content management system provides the owner of the website an interface where he can create and alter the website from scratch without any technical knowledge. Using WordPress is the most popular way of creating any website or blog. In fact, WordPress powers over 34% of all the websites on the Internet. More than one in four websites that you visit are likely to be powered by WordPress. All the necessary things for creating a website are inbuilt in WordPress. So less work is needed to create a website using WordPress which means less cost will be on the table. To have assistance in creating your own WordPress website feel free to contact XENMAG, the best web development company in India.

WordPress is so flexible that one can create any kind of website using it. For further functionalities, there are large numbers of plugins available for WordPress. Various contributors around the world create plugins and mods for every aspect of a real-life website. There are other content management systems except for WordPress like Joomla, Drupal etc. But none of them has as much as big community and contributors as WordPress has. More the number of contributors the more life becomes easy for website owners. For further knowledge on this topic contact XENMAG, the best website development company in India.

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