Website builder vs web designer – which is the best option? July 16, 2019

Honestly, this is a dumb topic to discuss on but yes it is a trend at this moment. People nowadays are looking for website builders to create their own websites. They are cheap initially and any layman can create a website using a website builder. But the catchline is, website builders can give websites not return of investments.

Name one leading brand who has made a website in a website builder. There are thousands of leading brands in different marketplaces around the globe. Name one leading brand who has built its website in a website builder. You cannot. You can be a great designer. You can easily create a great looking website on the available website builders. But you might not have the marketing and customer behavioural experiences required to sell through a website for a particular marketplace. For any good business model, time and money are the key factors. Do not lose them while experimenting and learning when you have the option to have a guide. Consult with XENMAG, the best web design company in India and you will feel the difference.

Yes, website designing is not rocket science but it is not a child’s play either. Education, experience, planning and ideas from various sectors come into one place to create a website which gives maximum return. Please do not underestimate the process. Any business individual having a foresight will not opt for website builders. Because in business each process is manufactured for the long term, and websites which are built using website builders can serve you immediately but not in the long run. Contact XENMAG, the best website design company in India to know about small monthly subscription fees for a website.

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