How to plan on the navigation menu for your website? September 02, 2019

The navigation menu is arguably the most essential aspect of a website. It can be the main difference between your website’s conversion and a bounce. In simple words, a navigation menu is required to give your visitors the privilege to navigate throughout your website. If your visitors find it difficult to understand the navigation structure of your website then it is almost certain that you will also find it difficult to generate sales through your website.

As the website owner, you should chalk out your navigation structure before you consult with any website designing agency. You know your business better than any others, so do not get confused with third party inputs. Search on the web for the same category of businesses like yours. Analyze their website, their navigation structure, their services and products. Now determine your limitations and offerings. Figure out which of the information of your business you want to make public, which services you can provide through your website, and what products should be showcased on the website. Once you have a filtered idea of what you want from your website then it is easy to figure out what to put on your website. If you have structured your website’s navigation, now it is time to consult with your website designer for technical aspects. For any consultation regarding your website’s navigation structure feel free to connect with XENMAG, the best web design company in India.

The main technical aspect a website designer looks into is the user experience of the navigation menu. You want everyone who visits your website to have a good user experience. Always be reasonable while figuring out fonts, colours, dropdown functionalities to be used on your website. Also, include search engine visibility factor into the loop. Some complex navigation menus with complex dropdown features are not crawlable by search engines. If a search engine does not understand what pages you have inside your website by reading the navigation menu structure then it might show your website improperly on search results. Contact XENMAG, the best website design company in India for more in-depth analysis.

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