How often should you change your website design? July 18, 2019

We more often get bored with our existing website’s design after a while. It is completely natural as an online business owner sees his website thousands of times each day. A repetitive impression of a website makes us crave for a fresh design. Also, we want to implement new trending designs and technologies to our website whenever we see them. There is no guilt in this desire and there should not be any. But how often can we change our website’s design without hampering the ranking or brand identity?

First, let us put the emotions aside and think logically about why we need to change the design of a website frequently. One of the most prominent reasons to update a site design is to keep your SEO tactics current. SEO tactics are changing with each passing day.  Any web design should be relevant to ongoing marketing campaigns. So whenever there is a change in a digital marketing campaign the website design should be changed. The other reason is to stay updated with time. Nobody wants a website which cannot impact in current time. Every day there is a new design trend to follow with simplified user experience features. To stay with time and up the game, one should change the design of the website with the trending designs. To know about current design trends contact XENMAG, the best web design company in India.

A redesign in every 18 months is a good frequency for websites. If your site is slow, not mobile optimized, user experience is horrific then it is best to upgrade immediately. You are losing sales every day with this kind of website anyway. So it is time to start fresh and proper. To design your website which gives you the return of your investment, consult with XENMAG, the best website design company in India.

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